mohini_and_mallikaMohini and Mallika Bariya
We are twin sisters living in India. This blog displays our sketches from our daily life and travels. We hope you enjoy looking at them!


13 Responses to “About”

  1. Beautiful sketches. I would try to see all your sketches next time.
    Vivek Muni

  2. your skills with colours is amazing! keep painting the brighter india.

  3. beautiful sketches, i loved the colours

  4. आपके फोटो को देखा । बहुत ख़ुशी हुई । किसी ने तो हमारे डूंगरपुर के फोटो का स्केच बनाया।

  5. really love your clear ,bright images –they look so effortless …Keep up the good work

  6. boy did I enjoy your sketches… Keep Up, Keep Up! You are a beautiful force of nature…

  7. Just Amazing….. I loved your sketches….. wish you all the best to continue your journey…… you should try textured paper/ handmade paper too 🙂

  8. we want to use one of your sketch / painting ( tamilnadu market) for our book cover page. Please let us know if we can. Our mail address is : banyantreebookstore@gmail.com and Mobile No. 09425904428

  9. we would like to use your sketches of st marks road bangalore for a non profit programme in the city.

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the late response, but of course you may! Please let us know which non-profit you’re working with, and send us a website link if you can!

      Mohini and Mallika

  10. Hi mohini, mallika.

    First. I love your work.

    Are you guys still active? I am from a startup called Zito. I was hoping to get in touch with you.

    You could reach out to me at : (I don’t know your email or else I would have mailed you there)


    Many thanks

  11. Hi mohini, mallika.

    I am not sure if you are active here anymore. I was hoping to get in touch with you guys. I am from a startup called Zito.

    Please reach out to me (I would have done it myself if I knew your email) at


    Many thanks

  12. A pleasure to view-thank you for sharing your art!

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