Sketching a Mosque & Buses in Bijapur


In central Bijapur, the bustling crowds against the backdrop of Adil Shahi monuments provided perfect sketching material. Yet, crowds are difficult to sketch anywhere, and Bijapur’s combination of heat, smog, traffic, and minimal pedestrian space made a full day of sketching in the streets tiring. In the evenings, we sought respite a little out of town. We reached Bijapur’s outskirts surprisingly quickly. The noise and buildings began to give way to quiet open spaces and fields. In a fallow field of grass with grazing buffalo, we spotted a small Adil Shahi mosque, recently whitewashed and still in use. Incongruously parked against one wall were a line of defunct public buses. The cheerful muezzin chatted with us before his evening azan. In the space of a few minutes, he narrated his life’s story, told us of his love for cricket and informed us that the buses were purchased from the government by a local businessmen who took them apart for scrap.



~ by sketchindia on January 19, 2017.

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