Mohini: Sketching in Spain & Portugal

These sketches from Spain and Portugal are quite old; from over 2 years ago. I never got around to posting them earlier.We took a two-week trip through southern Spain in the summer and drove through many small towns. It was extremely hot and dry. In the small towns, the buildings are painted white and they gleam in the sun, while the shadows are dark and defined.  I can not recall exactly where all the sketches were done, but I have labelled the ones I do remember.


The following two sketches are of Zuheros. The town was at an elevation, and the landscape around it was rocky and covered in olive trees. The main square of the town was odd (and beautiful) because it was built right up against a rocky outcrop on which was perched the ruined battlement of a Moorish castle. Right beneath it were benches where people sat in the evening. I tried to capture this scene in the second sketch, though I don’t think it really conveys how peculiar it looked to have the walls of an old fort looming over the town square.

photo 201122015_1712

photo 501122015_1711

The next couple of sketches are from other towns in southern Spain, but I can’t remember their names. I do remember that the house in the first sketch won an award for having the prettiest facade in the town. Every window sill was heaving with flower pots.

photo 101122015_1712

photo 401122015_1711

These last few sketches are of Cascais, a beach town in Portugal. The building in the first sketch was very beautiful. In the right-hand corner you can see the dome over a window that was decorated with green ceramic tiles.




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  1. Wonderful sketches!

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