Mohini: Sketching in Bangalore

I haven’t done much sketching recently, but I was looking through my old sketchbook and thought I would post some of the sketches I hadn’t posted before. These are all from Bangalore. The first is of a dusty street with shops selling car parts. It was quite early in the morning so most of the shops were closed.

photo 101122015_1755

The following sketch is of the front of a truck. It was parked in a mechanic’s lot, awaiting some repairs. Another mechanic along the street very graciously set up some boxes in his store for us to sit on while we drew. Trucks in India are nice not just because they are brightly painted and decorated, but also because the license plates tell you which part of the country they come from. This truck was from Haryana.

photo 201122015_1755

Finally, this sketch is of a row of shops selling fabrics. They were situated within the courtyard of a beautiful old building. Unfortunately, I neither read nor speak Kannada, so I have to copy the text on signs with no idea of what I am writing or if I have got it down correctly. 🙂

photo 301122015_1756

Hopefully I will have time to sketch some more soon and post newer sketches.


~ by sketchindia on January 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “Mohini: Sketching in Bangalore”

  1. Hope all is well Mohini. Once again your sketches are outstanding!

  2. Thank you for sending me the post. I like your work.

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