Sketching in Coonoor

We took another trip recently to Coonoor, a picturesque hill station in the Nilgiris. The weather was wonderful and the scenery idyllic: perfect for sketching.
The first two sketches are of All Saints Church, built during the British era and surrounded by the graves of many Englishmen, women, and even young children.


We also sketched near a village rapidly transforming itself into a town. Though the sketch looks pretty, such towns often blight the pristine hills. Near where we sketched, there was an enormous pile of garbage, the stench of which spoiled the otherwise fresh air.
Mallika drew the town, while I drew a nearby Hindu shrine.


Mallika also sketched the Coonoor Club, which is another quaint British-era building. It is set amidst a lovely garden, and covered in flowering creepers.

Finally, here is Mallika’s sketch of a village market in Tamil Nadu. We stopped there on the way to Coonoor. It was sweltering in comparison to the cool weather of the hills.


~ by sketchindia on July 17, 2012.

One Response to “Sketching in Coonoor”

  1. Dear Folks at Sketch India,

    I am writing because not only did I really enjoy the wonderful sketches here on this site but in particular the ones of Coonoor Town.

    My wife Tina and I live in Coonoor on a cheese making farm called Acres Wild. You can check out about us at

    Now the real reason for this comment is that on behalf of the Coonoor Club for how I am designing their website, I would like to request the permission to use a sketch of the Coonoor club done by Mallika on our website.

    Please tell me if this possible. Of course we will give the due credits as she wishes.

    Warm Regards

    Mansoor Khan

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