Sketching in Bangalore (Mohini)

These are sketches from a whole day of sketching with a friend in Bangalore. We went to some old areas of the city. I was very happy because I got to sketch people: my favorite sketching subjects.
The first sketch is of a pavilion in Cubbon Park, an enormous garden. The pavilion is a pretty and delicate structure, unfortunately in very bad condition.

Afterwards, I did a sketch of the Central Library, also in Cubbon Park. It was built by the British, and has been painted a wonderful brick red.

Later, I did several sketches of street vendors.


~ by sketchindia on July 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sketching in Bangalore (Mohini)”

  1. Hi, This is Madhu Kumar. I work in Singapore(basically from bangalore)and belong to urban sketchers Singapore group. I am trying to contact USK Bangalore group. I would be on vacation to bangalore and would like to join with the group for sketching. Would you mind reply if this is the right place to contact USK Bangalore. My details are here in FB as well

  2. india is very beautifull cuntry.and indias place more beautyfull place.

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