Sketching in Bangalore: Commercial Street

These are sketches from another whole day of sketching in Bangalore. We sketched along Commercial Street, where the crowds and shops and traffic provided plenty of material. There was so much dust everywhere, it was extraordinary. Our clothes and sketchbooks were coated with it. All sorts of people came to watch us as we sketched. One man was extremely eager that we draw a portrait of him, but we managed to deflect his demands. 🙂


Then we drew a flower shop by the roadside. It was in front of a dingy, dusty, drippy building, and the bright flowers contrasted with the dark, stained walls.


On the way home, we stopped at fourth block market, and sketched some fruit vendors.

I also sketched a man reading a paper. He appeared to be in the recycling business, buying old paper and bottles from people to sell to recycling plants. He sat beside a big, red, old-fashioned scale and in front of a doorway. The little wall niche above him in the sketch is traditionally a place to put an oil lamp.

Meanwhile, Mallika did a sketch of a mechanic’s shop. The poster on the building is of Rajnikanth, a very famous South Indian actor.


~ by sketchindia on July 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Sketching in Bangalore: Commercial Street”

  1. nice sketches !

  2. I hope you girls can still find time to enjoy your passions while in college!
    Miss you and your family. Good luck ladies! Work hard and have some fun too!

  3. Mohini and Mallika, Your sketches are fantastic!

  4. Hi, Your sketching journey is really good, I would be happy to have you in one of our galleries in Rangoli Metro Art Center M G Road Bangalore.

  5. Lovely work, Mohini & Mallika! The stories come alive in your sketches!
    Looking forward to seeing more..

  6. Great sketches. Keep it up.

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