Sketching in Alviso and Japantown, California

Alviso is a rather down-trodden small town not too far from my aunt’s house in California. The town’s community has managed to keep itself untouched by the rapid development all around. Alviso is hardly 5 minutes drive from tall, shiny office buildings, yet it has a completely different feel. It is situated at the edge of the marshes, and the salty winds have given all the buildings decayed appearances which are wonderful to sketch.


These sketches are of an overgrown, defunct building along the train tracks. The building’s structure, as well as the surrounding landscape, made it look like a scene from a wild west movie.


From Alviso we drove to nearby Japantown in the city of San Jose to sketch out off the sun. We could not find the place at first, until we realized that “Japantown” was actually a very short strip of very plain buildings which housed some Japanese shops (most of which were closed). After Alviso’s atmosphere, this place had almost none. Anyway, we found a “jungle-themed” cafe to sketch at. It was full of monkey stuffed toys.



~ by sketchindia on September 6, 2011.

One Response to “Sketching in Alviso and Japantown, California”

  1. That building by the tracks in Alviso, used to be a general store.

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