December 2010: Varanasi-Delhi Sketching Trip

In December, our artistic aunt visited from California and the three of us went together on a week-long sketching trip to Varanasi and Delhi. Varanasi, built on the banks of the Ganga, is one of the holiest Hindu cities in India. It was a colorful, noisy place; crowded with pilgrims and temples. Where ever we looked there was something to sketch: a group of pilgrims bathing in the Ganga, holy men conducting large prayer ceremonies, people fishing in the river. We met many interesting people who came and talked to us while we sketched, always asking why we were drawing and giving their own opinions about our art. We had a wonderful time. From Varanasi we traveled on to Delhi, where we spent another three days. After the chaos of Varanasi, we sought out quiet places to sketch in Delhi: the gardens within the Red Fort or those surrounding Humayun’s tomb. It was a refreshing change.

Most of the following sketches are in watercolor. All were done completely on location. Each took one and a half to two hours so we only managed three or (rarely) four a day.

When you get to the bottom of the page, be sure to click on “older posts” since the Delhi sketches ran onto the previous page. Hope you enjoy looking at our work.

Mohini: Buildings and people on Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi’s main ghat. There were monkeys on the buildings too.


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One Response to “December 2010: Varanasi-Delhi Sketching Trip”

  1. Amazing stuff! Way to go Suhagettes! (tell your Mom hi from me) Steve

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