Mohini & Mallika: Sketching in Gandhi Bazaar

On Sunday, we, along with a friend (Sarayu), took an autorickshaw to Gandhi Bazaar, a large, crowded, and colorful market not too far from our house. We spent over half the day there, sketching a lot and generally walking around. All of us enjoyed immensely.

The nice thing about sketching in India is that you don’t have to be surreptitious. You can sit right in front of someone and stare at them and sketch. In America, as soon as the subject of your sketch makes eye contact, you have to look away and pretend to stare into space, and then glance back occasionally to finish your drawing. Most of the subjects in the following sketches knew we were watching and drawing them, but did not mind.  All were actually pleased.

By sketching, we also got to interact with people in a different way. People chatted with us and felt comfortable (this was also thanks to the language skills of our friend). They also felt responsible for us and shooed off any begggars distracting us. Often, a crowd of three or four people gathered round to watch us.

Though it had been raining for many days, the day we went to Gandhi Bazaar, the sun was shinning the whole morning and afternoon. Just as we got into the autorickshaw to get home, it started to rain. We felt very lucky.


~ by sketchindia on October 8, 2010.

One Response to “Mohini & Mallika: Sketching in Gandhi Bazaar”

  1. Mallika and Mohini, your sketches are beautiful. I won’t comment on how impressive each and every one of the sketches are, because you will get bored with me repeating how awe struck I am. 🙂

    Congrats on your work!

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