Mohini: From Gandhi Bazaar, the three of us walked to Bull Temple which is famous for its massive stone statue of a bull. Bull Temple is located in a big, overgrown park where the trees are extremely tall and filled with hundreds of screeching, flapping flying foxes, a species of bat. We did not go into the temple but relaxed under a spreading banyan tree outside and watched children, tourists, stray dogs, and a troop of monkeys pass by. Various vendors were selling toys, popcorn, and a variety of knick-knacks. One man came with a bicycle attached to which was a tall brightly colored puppet (which I sketched, above). Its head was that of an old plastic doll and cymbals were attached to its hands. Wrapped around its base was colorful pink and yellow plastic sheeting. We thought that it must be used to entertain children by moving and clanging its cymbals when the man pulled some hidden strings. However we later found out that it was a candy stall. The bright plastic sheeting at its base was actually a thick candy which the man molded into shapes, attached to sticks, and sold to children.


~ by sketchindia on October 8, 2010.

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